Copar Screen and PLC Upgrades

Upgrade CSSC 3 through 6 to CSSC 8 Sync Master Synchronized Splice Control with Trade Input Copar

Uses existing cabinets and hardware for ease of installation
All control cabinet components are removed and returned to Copar

Copar (The Leader in Wet End Controls) designed the 368 Upgrade to be a direct drop in for the systems that are nearing their life cycle. The 368 upgrade was designed so that you will not have to replace cabinets, control wires, junction boxes, or equipment that is located on your corrugator.

Older Screen Layout (1995-2016)
Syncmaster 8.3 Screen Layout (2024)

Key Advantages

· CSSC 3 through 6 is no longer sold and component availability will eventually run out
· CSSC 8 uses the latest AB PLC technology which communicates 1000 times faster than the old bus system
· Sync splice accuracy is greatly improved
· Better response to operator intervention
· Vastly improved diagnosis. Black box troubleshooter records 4 times a second
· Online program monitoring and changes can be made while running
· CSSC 3 through 6 is legacy code. No new features
· CSSC 8 Easily customizable. New features can be easily programmed
· Close proximity paired splicing
· Can handle dual-arch (laminated) splicing
· Compatible with higher resolution on machine hardware
· Better feedback for machine response
· High speed data logging
· More precise bridge validation and balancing with dual water mark detectors
· Variable bridge feature allows plant to select bridge loading to combat reverse warp
· Bridge Safety Net proactively prevents bridge break outs reducing downtime and logs the reason for the issue
· Failsafe mode disables failed sensors and allows continued productivity
· More Precise double backer speed control means improved productivity
· Increased splicing speeds
· Operator selectable shear control. Single or multi cut grade changes for less waste
· End of roll splicing with precise diameter calculation

The Sync Master 8.3 Upgrade can be implemented on all existing CSSC 8 PLC based systems. The current touchscreen and software will be upgraded to a new look and style of the Sync Master 8.3. This new package incorporates the CSSC and CTC controls into one user friendly screen which is displayed on a 23″ touchscreen display.