Glue System

Glue System Controller

Copar’s Digital Glue System Control provides greater flexibility and glue volume control, reduces the amount of glue required, and reduces tack time. The set-up is operator friendly and requires very little work. COPAR uses a three-way valve that has both glue and water feeding the extruder. The valve can be easily switched for quick and easy clean-up. This method reduces end-of-shift or end-of-day clean-up time to seconds.


· Glue flow stops automatically when the machine stops, even when a carton stops under the glue extruder
· The pattern position is maintained constant regardless of speed changes between 0 and 1800 fpm (550 mpm)
· The DGSC eliminates common problems such as slinging of glue and having trim waste scrape glue off the wheel surface
· Minimizes the problem of boxes sticking together on the inside or extruded glue outside, preventing problems with customers automatic packing machinery
· The DGSC requires less cleanup time. It reduces end-of-shift or end-of-day cleanup time to seconds
· There are no parts to remove or soak overnight


· Stitch Gluing
· Next Order Entry
· Optional Non-Contact Extrusion Heads
· Digital Pattern Entry
· Solid State Circuitry Design
· Fewer Components
· Flexible Programming
· Overload Protection On All Valve Outputs
· Data Retention During Power Outages
· Capable Of Precise Adjustments During Operation
· Inputs And Outputs Separated
· Configuration Parameters Entered Digitally