Plant Production Displays & Network

Green on the screen!

Production at a glance

Copar’s Plant Production Network ties all your corrugating production machines to a central location that displays information on individual TV displays along with a central dashboard display. 

Integrate new or existing machines to your current Copar system or purchase a stand alone Production Network Display system and cater it to your current and future needs. Copar production displays and production scoreboard software can reflect real time production numbers. Copar interfaces with your current roll stock software to display information relevant to your needs. Contact a sales representative for more information

TV screens show current and past production information

Ideal Install Locations

  • Wet End displays show paper grade completed and remaining, shift production history (roll priority)
  • Dry End displays show sheet dimensions and scores for operator production checks (slitter/knife sheet priority)
  • Common installations locations:
    • Two screens, back to back, overhead between the wet and dry end.
    • Front Offices, Lunchrooms, or Maintenance Departments.
    • Near the stacker discharge where operators check the final sheets.

The Master Station and Remote Stations allow the operators to perform routine tasks.

  • The Master Station is the interface between the PLCs, Remotes Stations, Production Master, and schedule system. It also serves as a data collection and logging center for production and system performance statistics.
  • An unlimited number fully functional remote stations can be added for operator efficiency.
  • Recommended remote locations include one near the glue station, and one near each singlefacer.